Thursday, April 19, 2012

The Word Rape

1 out of 3 women on college campuses report one or more unwanted sexual interactions with the opposite sex. Those girls weren't all attacked in a shady ally way or by a man hiding behind a tree. As a matter of fact most of them weren't. Most victims are raped by friends or dates. But what is "rape" now a days? Rape isn't as clear cut as it might seem. If you are dating or even married, can it still be considered rape if it unwanted? I wonder why rape often seems like a light-hearted subject? People often joke about rape or scream it when it's unneeded. I see rape as a very serious subject. I think that changed when my good friends were effected by it though. Most everyone knows someone that has been raped. If we all stopped and really thought what that meant, I believe things would be different. The word rape would be used with more care.

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