Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Media's Effects on Gender

After watching Dreamworld in class, I was shocked at what I was seeing. I'm a lady, and I was appalled to see other ladies acting so explicate. I was wondering what was going through the guys minds. I think a lot of the time, people think that media doesn't effect or influence them when it actually does. Men do often get away with objectifying women, but isn't that what they've learned from media? Thinking about media gave me a different view on men. I am a very trusting young lady and I've got myself into some not so good situations with men. I just never understood what the guys problems were. I can control myself, so I didn't understand why they couldn't.

After getting to know more about a young man I was seeing, I found out he had been addicted to pornography. Everything made a little more sense to me though. He was often aggressive and insensitive. He had been brainwashed by the media to treat women as his objects. I hated that something he viewed in magazines and online had changed how he treated people. I never knew what was going on in his head or if he was comparing me to other women. I finally broke things off with him. If you don't think media can impact you, you are wrong. Media is a powerful tool.

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