Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Epilogue to Gender

We all are gendered beings, but I have never thought about our genders as much as I have this semester. I have found myself noticing gender stereotypes while watching movies or hanging out with friends. I've noticed a lot about media in today's society. It makes me scared to raise children in this world someday. It makes me wonder why so many celebrates let their media get out of hand. They disrespect women, and often themselves. I wonder if those celebrates even realize what is going on or if they think the money is worth the corruption. A lot of people think they can't change the world, but I believe if everyone was to become educated and more aware about gender communication things would change. If everyone knew what was happening today in our society, I believe things would slowly start to change. Women just might have more respect for themselves if other people treated them right. Issues of violence, rape, sex slavery, and media corruption need to be recognized. This is a hard society to grow up as a gendered being. It is confusing.

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