Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Gendered Relationships

I love to look at relationships. I can sit and people watch couples all day and be entertained. Every relationship is different in the ways they communicate. It is interesting to see who wears "the pants" in a relationship. It seems to me that switched gender roles is becoming more common in relationships. It is becoming more acceptable for men to be more emotional and for women to take on more masculine roles. A lot of times, the women or wives do "wear the pants." It does seem though that women do talk and want to talk more about the relationship. While the masculine approach would be to let things be, the feminine approach is to talk and talk and talk about things even when they are going fine.


  1. I love watching this too! My favorite though is the "we like each other but aren't together" couples who are awkwardly trying to get each other's attention while everyone but them knows :)

  2. I feel like more women are taking on the more dominate role. I, myself am very dominate in my relationships. I like to make decisions, however I still like to maintain my feminine side :) So I always say I wear the SKORT in the relationship!