Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Becoming Gendered

Becoming Gendered has been one of my favorite chapters to read and discuss. The stories in the text are what honestly teach me the most too. Everyone is raised differently and that really has an impact on how you view your own gender and the gender of your peers. I've heard a lot of boys say, "yeah, I grew up in a household of all girls." Those boys tend to have more feminine characteristics and understand women's issues better. Everyone is taught differently. Where some parents would take away cooking sets from their little boys, some parents would sit down and play with their son.

Parents have an extreme impact on their children and their genders, but their parents had an impact on them and so on. Not all boys are going to be good at sports or girls good cooks. We all have our own skills and passions and I don't believe those should be forced according to gender. The story that Eric tells in the text was interesting to me. He states that, "Being a man has been about winning. Winning T-ball and than baseball." I feel like boys are being pushed to always compete to gain their worth while if a girl was to lose it's a different story. Girls I feel are often patted on the back and told it's okay, while boys have a harsher punishment for not winning.

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