Tuesday, February 21, 2012


Nonverbal is one of my favorite fields of study. There is so much that goes into nonverbal communication. Well reading about "supplement verbal communication" it reminded me of myself. My friends say that I can never be serious or frown while talking. It doesn't really matter the words I'm saying, because my nonverbal come across as my bubbly happy self. This makes it really hard for me to play games that require bluffing.

This weekend I was joking around with my friend Brian by saying, "well, I don't like you anyways," but I couldn't do it with a straight face. My laughing indicated that I wasn't serious. Words are overlooked more than I thought. You can point right and say left and most likely the person will go right. We play very close attention to nonverbals. Nonverbals aren't only actions though, it can be anything from the clothes you wear to distance you stand from someone. You subconsciously or continuously make choices everyday about how you will be portrayed by people around you. If you choose to wear a tight fitting dress over baggy sweats, you are seen in a different light. If you stand inches away from a man and brush against his arm, you might be saying something else. It amazes me how much we say by saying nothing at all.

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