Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Men's Movements

As I read about male gender movements, I thought it was very interesting the first line of the chapter saying, "Historically, American men have been less involved than women in gender movements." With that I really wondered, why that was. I wondered if women's movements have just been more in the media, louder, and on a larger scale. They talked about men being feminist and how that is often looked down upon. I think that women feminists are more focused on, due to the fact that they are women. I wonder if being a male feminist, you lose some credibility by not being "true to your sex." I wonder if this is the reason more male feminists aren't being shown in the media and even in history.

When the text mentioned fraternities, it really caught my attention, because the majority of my friends are in fraternities. One time I found myself, the only girl at their house as they all started to talk about girls they had been with. They went around the table and told the best boobs they had seen. As they rated the "top ten tites" they had seen it made me laugh, but slightly uncomfortable. I wondered what they said about me when I wasn't there. If I was to tell them the best dicks I'd seen, it would be seen as inappropriate and tacky. If was to do that, I'd be afraid of being seen as a girl that "gets around." They joked about when men leave a girl's house in the morning it's called the stride of pride, but when women do, it's the walk of shame. I'm not saying these boys are disrespectful to women or even in the wrong, but I just find it interesting how other guys are encouraged within a group setting. I wondered if in a smaller group or one on one they would say the same things.

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