Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Women's Movements

While talking about the waves of women's moments one section interested me. The "bra burnings" didn't happen? A reporter over heard plans to burn bras in protest and took that to national news. The news often hears what they want to hear. We don't talk about starving children everyday, but celebrities are all over the news. Why? The news gives us what "we want to hear" or at least what they think we want to hear. What does this mean for feminists? I wonder if a lot the the negative light on feminism comes from the news. Is it that they focus on only lesbians or extremists, or is it all they see?

I see women's movements as a constant uneven fight. Star said something in class that I really liked. She was talking about while some women wanted the right to vote, other women just wanted to be seen as human. It's always an unfair balance. All cultures are at different levels. In high school a common joke was, "Hey wanna hear a joke?" "Women's rights." I can see how some may view women's rights as a joke, but look how far we have come. If everyone laughed at the idea of voting or being working women, we'd be no where. It is a continuous battle. It seems odd though that women can run for president, but birth control isn't covered by health insurance? It think it's funny that big matters seem to be equal, but some trivial ideas are still unsolved. It seems as every generation of women see oppression in their lives, but every generation is different. While our mothers fought for a job, we fight for equal pay. Each wave of moment changed with the generation.

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