Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Epilogue to Gender

We all are gendered beings, but I have never thought about our genders as much as I have this semester. I have found myself noticing gender stereotypes while watching movies or hanging out with friends. I've noticed a lot about media in today's society. It makes me scared to raise children in this world someday. It makes me wonder why so many celebrates let their media get out of hand. They disrespect women, and often themselves. I wonder if those celebrates even realize what is going on or if they think the money is worth the corruption. A lot of people think they can't change the world, but I believe if everyone was to become educated and more aware about gender communication things would change. If everyone knew what was happening today in our society, I believe things would slowly start to change. Women just might have more respect for themselves if other people treated them right. Issues of violence, rape, sex slavery, and media corruption need to be recognized. This is a hard society to grow up as a gendered being. It is confusing.

Thursday, April 19, 2012

The Word Rape

1 out of 3 women on college campuses report one or more unwanted sexual interactions with the opposite sex. Those girls weren't all attacked in a shady ally way or by a man hiding behind a tree. As a matter of fact most of them weren't. Most victims are raped by friends or dates. But what is "rape" now a days? Rape isn't as clear cut as it might seem. If you are dating or even married, can it still be considered rape if it unwanted? I wonder why rape often seems like a light-hearted subject? People often joke about rape or scream it when it's unneeded. I see rape as a very serious subject. I think that changed when my good friends were effected by it though. Most everyone knows someone that has been raped. If we all stopped and really thought what that meant, I believe things would be different. The word rape would be used with more care.

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Media's Effects on Gender

After watching Dreamworld in class, I was shocked at what I was seeing. I'm a lady, and I was appalled to see other ladies acting so explicate. I was wondering what was going through the guys minds. I think a lot of the time, people think that media doesn't effect or influence them when it actually does. Men do often get away with objectifying women, but isn't that what they've learned from media? Thinking about media gave me a different view on men. I am a very trusting young lady and I've got myself into some not so good situations with men. I just never understood what the guys problems were. I can control myself, so I didn't understand why they couldn't.

After getting to know more about a young man I was seeing, I found out he had been addicted to pornography. Everything made a little more sense to me though. He was often aggressive and insensitive. He had been brainwashed by the media to treat women as his objects. I hated that something he viewed in magazines and online had changed how he treated people. I never knew what was going on in his head or if he was comparing me to other women. I finally broke things off with him. If you don't think media can impact you, you are wrong. Media is a powerful tool.

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Organizational Communication

So after watching the Office in class, it made me think about how I talk to individuals from other cultures. When we were talking about race in the workplace, it reminded me of an experience I had this summer. We had a incident at the resort I worked at where one lady got stabbed in the employee lounge for cheating on her boyfriend. Everyone involved in the incident were Hispanic workers. All the Hispanics we worked with were illegal immigrants.  Instead of working with the situation and figuring out what went wrong or even just calling the cops, my manger called the swat team. The swat team came that night and cleared out all the illegal immigrants. I was devastated that a lot of my friends I worked with were gone over night. We were understaffed the rest of the summer I worked there. I still wonder to this day if those individuals were a different race, what would have happened? Would things have been different? Would we still have the staff we did?

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Gendered Relationships

I love to look at relationships. I can sit and people watch couples all day and be entertained. Every relationship is different in the ways they communicate. It is interesting to see who wears "the pants" in a relationship. It seems to me that switched gender roles is becoming more common in relationships. It is becoming more acceptable for men to be more emotional and for women to take on more masculine roles. A lot of times, the women or wives do "wear the pants." It does seem though that women do talk and want to talk more about the relationship. While the masculine approach would be to let things be, the feminine approach is to talk and talk and talk about things even when they are going fine.

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Gendered Education

School is a place of much more than just academics. It carries with it, social norms and situations. It really makes me wonder how seriously women's educations are being taken. Yeah things are getting more equal every decade, but where do we stand right now? There is a part in the reading that states, "In treating women as sexual objects, such actions tell women students that they are not taken seriously as members of an intellectual community." As soon as I read that, I was reminded of my 8th grade Health teacher.

I remember a teacher I had in middle school... Mr. Baylor. He had an awful reputation amongst the girls in our school. Every 8th grader in our school had to take Health class from Mr. Baylor. He was one of the only teachers that taught in a trailer off the back of our middle school. Our school had grown so much we ran out of classrooms. I wonder now if the other teachers just didn't want to deal with him either. My 7th grade year a student caught him watching porn and nothing happened. My year of Health class, we caught him watching porn again... still no one did anything. Looking back now, it is awful to think that this man was teaching all these 13 and 14 year old kids about their own bodies. My 9th grade year, he got his laptop taken away. And by the time I was in 10th grade, Mr. Baylor flow off the handle.

One day during class, he was trying to quiet the class and got upset. He yelled at all his female students, "You sluts are going nowhere in your lives. You are all just a bunch of whores!" Some of the young girls in his class were appalled and left the room. The next day Mr. Baylor was on "mental leave" and never came back. I wonder to this day why it took so long for the school to get rid of this man. I don't know what was happening behind closed doors, but I believe that no one should objectify women. I especially don't agree when they are teaching sex ed to young girls and boys.